Wednesday, June 16, 2010


New Pics!

What day is it anymore? Haha, the days are so full that I feel like I just go along- day by day- and the days are quickly running into one another.

We had our usual sessions in the morning. The daily schedule is:

Matins (if you choose) and Communion (if you choose) (I'm a daily morning prayer kind of girl, so I go to matins (730) and leave. A number of people then head to Communion (8) after Matins. No thanks hahaha).

Breakfast 830.

Program piece- Bible Study most often. We have been doing large group then splitting into smaller ones, but yesterday we simply did one big Bible Study on the 2nd creation story. (We did the 1st on Monday).

Then Break with Tea/Coffee.

Then a session with teaching. Yesterday Kathy Grieb did a 'map' on a piece of paper connecting how the doctrine of creation was intricately connected to all of the different doctrines in Systematic Theology. And to think she sat down last night and plotted it out hahaha. Impressive.

Lunch falls at 1.

Then a number of things have been happening in the afternoon: teachings, free time, tours, etc. Yesterday was the Indoor Guided Tour of the Cathedral. Our tour guide's name was Alan and in his previous life he was a civil engineer :) I thought that was fitting! But, the tour was 2 hours long and we went everywhere- in and out of the cathedral and heard lots of fascinating information.

Then we had another session.

Then Evensong always at 530.

Then dinner usually at 630.

Last night we watched the movie The Road. An American film, this apocalyptic movie was bleak and did not end with an overly happy end, as American films tend to do. But it was really interesting to watch. It was optional and a number of people did go out into town, but I'm glad I stayed and watched it.

Then talked to Alan briefly and went to bed. And now, it is Wednesday! Having just finished Matins, I was thinking how crazy it is that in 48 hours I will have been here for a full week already!
Today we have a Bible Study and session in the morning. Then following lunch, we will have free time from 130ish (when we finish lunch) to 330/4. Maybe I'll simply walk around town, maybe I'll head to the Canterbury Tales Museum. The good thing is that we also have an afternoon of free time tomorrow- so plenty of time to see things.

At 4 we'll have a session (4-5) and then Evensong 530 and dinner 7. Then a free night!

Whew, it's been so packed lately this looks like it'll be a day to breathe a bit!

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  1. Will you be going on a Canterbury Ghost Tour while you're there? Or the candlelit Haunted River Tour? If so, let us know if you run into the Reeve or the Wife of Bath or similar folks.