Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Busy Day

And it's not even over yet!

This day was pretty busy after a laid back weekend.

We started off with matins in the cathedral. Then did a Bible study with Kathy Grieb (my New Testament Prof) and split off into our groups.

Our group has been a little rough. We've got a couple people who are very quiet and it's hard to get the conversation going.

After lunch, Norman (a fellow VTS'er) and I went to take pics of the cathedral. It's simply massive.

THEN! We climbed the tower! It was great!

After that, we had another session where we talked about what the gospel means to us- if we looked out our window, what would we say to the people around us? The group worked a bit better...I think we're switching up groups tomorrow though to meet new people.

After that, we headed to evensong and soon, dinner!

BUT after that! At 8 pm- we'll be entering the Cathedral for a candlelit tour- this is going to be great!!

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