Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday. Saturday.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I can't believe we've been here for over a week now!!

Friday's morning schedule was pretty normal- Bible Study and then groups.

However, we did switch groups. We talked about our testimonies and how we see (or don't see) the providence of God.

Then the next group- we preached our sermons. Lots of fun to hear different preaching styles from around the world (Nigeria, Mexico, America, and Australia).

Then after lunch, they had a library and archives tour.

Lots of fun, old things to see. We saw in particular a parish registry from the 1774. The priest was writing how an old toothless guy was marrying someone :) haha

Then there was the Winchester Accord in which the Archbishop of York and Canterbury and William the Conqueror decided who had power where. Yes, all three of their signatures were there!

Then there was a letter from one of the knights that killed Thomas Beckett pledging money to a monastery in honor of Beckett.

There was a William and Mary gold tooth bound Bible. An Algonquin language Bible for the Iroquois. And there was an illustrated hours book.

Then I did some shopping to help the cathedral economy. Pretty typical souvenir stuff over here, but I did get Alan and I some candlesticks that looked like pillars in the cathedral hahaha. Also I got some cross necklaces for my beautiful goddaughters!

Then we had a session on the Bible in Anglican Liturgy. It was fairly basic though, but had good reminders.

After evensong and dinner, there were people going out for one drink. I thought about it. Then one of my profs (NT) who is doing the program here came around asking if we wanted to watch an Agatha Christie movie. So, there I was, with 3 other students, watching The Body in the Library in England, with my NT prof. LOVE IT. And the movie was great too! It was a perfect option for such an exhausting week.


Even though I feel like I'm getting more sleep here, I'm waking up more and more tired. I believe this is a testimony to how much we're doing here.

The days just keep getting better and better- the trust, the laughter, the conversations, the experiences.

We left Canterbury, walking, to St. Augustine's Abbey.

This, plus Canterbury (Christ Church) Cathedral were the two monasteries in town back in the day. For The Abbey, St. Augustine brought 40 monks and they set up home. They worshiped 8 times a day. After the dissolution by Henry VIII, it was made into a palace. St. Augustine's body was first buried here. However, during the reformation, like Beckett's body, the were moved, or destroyed, or burned, etc. No one knows.

Then, we got in a bus and rode to Richborough Fort.

Once overlooking the sea (the land has taken over...) this was most likely the fort that Augustine arrived at with his monks. (The cooling towers are for coal power, not nuclear.)

Then, we ate lunch in the bus (it was raining) and set off on our hike (it had stopped raining). There were probably 15 out of the 35 that didn't go for various reasons. However, the 11km hike to Canterbury cathedral was incredible. It was wooded, then little villages appeared, then over cow pastures (literally) and over gates and everything! It took probably 3 hours, but it was incredible!!!

Then we got back, had an hour to chill, went to Evensong. Then off again- this time to Bishopsbourne. (25 people went.)

Bishopsbourne was Richard Hooker's parish for 5 years before he died. His body is buried somewhere under it. Pretty darn cool. The medieval items: a few stained glass windows, a statue of Beckett, and Beckett's pulpit- which he bought for the church from his will for 3 pounds. :)

Then back home, late dinner (the staff graciously stayed over for the group that went) and then one drink out and back.

Got to sleep in this morning and catch up on things :) New pics uploaded from the days.

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