Sunday, June 13, 2010

A busy weekend- Saturday.

I have been extremely lazy this trip! I haven't taken many pics yet!

Here is the site:

As I sit and write, I sit in my window seat overlooking the cathedral. Striking.

Yesterday was busy- morning prayer and then off to our first group session.

We learned a bit about the history of Canterbury. I hoped it was more specific- but it was overall general. But good to be reminded of church history a bit.

We had lunch and then a bit of a break. I went on a run with a new friend around town. It was nice to get lost (not too lost, the town is quite small) and see some new parts of Canterbury.

After that we had a tea break and then had our first small groups.

These small groups were assigned- to mix us up- and the people in my group are from Madagascar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, India, England, and another American. (There are 10 Americans out of 35 participants.)

We just spoke a little about our lives, calls, and where we come from and where we're going.

Evensong was next. The worship here is non-participatory- except standing, kneeling, and singing the last hymn. The men and boys choir is simply incredible, and it's nice to listen and sit back for once...however, I do not think I could do this all the time- I need a bit more congregational participation personally.

But this is a time for rest and rejuvenation- in worship and meeting new people. The director said that this is not a prison camp where they're marching us from place to place. And so far it has been busy, but not overly-stimulating. We only have our schedule up to tomorrow, so we shall see what the rest of the week holds.

After Evensong we had dinner- pork chops, veggies, and this amazing dessert- the desserts of all desserts....cobbler- apples, cherries, melted vanilla

Then off to a pub for world cup! The streets were EMPTY and the pubs were PACKED. We were in a place with a big screen and then a TV. But space cleared eventually and we had a great view.

As mentioned on facebook---

We found an American living in Canterbury and we hung out with her. She was a blast- and def needed to vent some, as their seemed to be some bitterness towards the Brits haha.

But--- as we scored--- I just couldn't control myself and went nuts. And so the 6 Americans started cheering. I started the USA chant, we got sworn at, and then I raised my glass high in the air and toasted our goal hahahaha. It was awesome.

We did have some friendly banter though, so it was good. There was a guy with a drum there, and he was fairly obnoxious, but I would've been the same in America...

We got back and then my friend and I went out again! I just wanted to not be lame and go to bed at 10 like I normally do hahaha We hit up two places- one a small dance club and the second a place with live salsa music. The band was great and it the dancing was a blast!

Back at 130, went to sleep at 2...

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