Sunday, June 13, 2010


Alright! We're up and running now! Haha.

Got up at 930- it was wonderful sleeping in!

Went to church at 11. A person didn't show up to take up the gifts, so I got to!!!

I carried the host up at the offertory! It was INCREDIBLE! Here I was- at Canterbury Cathedral! Following a Cross and lights...I mean, wow!

After that, we did a coffee hour type reception. A few of us met the choir director, which was fabulous. Then it was a kid's birthday, and he wanted to do a birthday lunch...

So I went, after all, I'm usually not in the right place at the right type to be invited to these things. But I felt awful about it. First off, he was like, ordering wine and all this other stuff and I just, don't do group things well because I don't want to split it! But, he actually paid for everything which was amazingly gracious (there were 7 of us!) But doing that we did miss lunch at Canterbury, and I just felt weird doing a separate thing when lunch is already provided. Eh, no need in over-analyzing now, just feeling guilty about it...BUT haha, it was good- I got a 4 oz steak and fries (it was on the light menu side, 8 pounds) but they killed my steak. Ordered it medium, no pink at ALL. Sad, but still good. Fwww, a lot of 'but's in that paragraph hahaha

We went straight to Evensong which was nice.

Now, I'm here! One hour break! Which is very very nice. Another thing with that lunch is it took 2 no break between church, lunch, and church hahaha

In 20 min we are going to another group thing. This time it's a Bible Study. Our Bible Study Groups are different than our other groups, so we shall see who is in this one. The schedule says we're doing a Psalm 139.

I have also been not keeping track of things! Not entirely uncommon BUT (haha) I left my key in my room for the run (they made me a new one) and I lost my schedule (just got back from getting one) . They are very kind and gracious here to say the least.

That says 5 on the schedule. There isn't an end time posted. Drinks and Dinner tonight is at 7 in the Deanery. That'll be awesome. The deanery has been here forever. In WW 2 the front was blown off so that dean lived there for years without a front on his home!

I hope the Groups thing is only an hour and then we have an hour off before dinner. That would be lovely. We will see!

The internet wasn't working all day- and they had called out for someone to come in and fix it! So glad!

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  1. Love reading all about your days! Much love.
    Dad and Mom