Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Candlelit Cathedral Tour

Ok, so, they tricked us with the candle thing haha. I saw at the end the young woman who was our verger did have candles, but Ed might have forgotten.

Basically- we went into the cathedral at 8 pm and we had the cathedral ALL to ourselves! It was an amazing time to look at the building and hear the history without being pushed around by all the people that come and visit it.

We went all over, and finished standing on the shrine of St Thomas Beckett. He died near the nave, but they buried his body almost immediately in the crypt so people would not steal it. Then, years later, they moved his shrine up to the main level as it has quickly become a pilgrimage site. There is an always-burning-candle sitting atop the space. And if you kneel down, you can feel the groove where millions of pilgrims came and prayer.

We then stood in a circle around that candle and people prayed in their own language. It was extremely moving and powerful- that's what the Anglican Communion is about :)

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