Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So much has happened! Sunday Part 1.

It's amazing what can happen in 2 days on a trip like this.

Sunday was pretty low key.

In addition to the two church services (eucharist and evensong), we had a discussion with one of the canons here at the cathedral.

The Rev. Sheila Watson has been an archdeacon in two cathedrals. She began the process in the late seventies. And even though the Episcopal Church canonical allowed women to be ordained to the priesthood (and episcopacy) in 1977, the Anglican Church in England didn't vote in this change until the early 90's. Long time to wait!

And, although they do have women on staff at the cathedral (2), it appears the men always lead morning prayer (either the dean or vice dean). The morning eucharist appears to be scheduled by a rota. (Sheila celebrated this Tuesday morning). It was interesting to hear of her journey.

She also talked about transformation. And that in a rally for women priests (she was walking by) a staunch no-women-as-priests person walked by her and said, 'hope you win!'. Incredible.

However, she also talked about transformation. That transformation needs transition and we too often talk about the one without the other. This invaluable point is something to further reflect on.

We then went off to St. Martin's Church- the oldest church in England. We thought there would be a Eucharist, but it was the monthly Taize service. However, after an hour of discussing the 'women's issue' it was lovely to get some silence! :) And, it was the best service I've been to outside of Taize. Well done!

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