Monday, June 28, 2010

so it looks like I just stopped writing after Monday

The rest of the week was pretty typical- sessions in the morning and evening.

We also got the afternoons of Tuesday and Wednesday free, which were really great in finding some energy to finish! Haha- such an intense program!

Tuesday night we went over to the dean's again- to have BBQ in his garden. Or orchard. Or veggie garden. get my drift. This space was huge!

The next night, after dinner, we went for after dinner drinks to Ed's house. (A canon at the cathedral, he's been running our program.) Also, another beautiful space...HUGE English Garden and the flowers were all blooming.

We exchanged our gifts of what we brought. I got 2 big fans and hats (straw) from Nigeria. Pretty cool stuff. However, too big to fit in my suitcase. So, the program is shipping it back. They are just wonderful there at Canterbury.

Thursday we had a normal day then a dinner with the dean and vice dean of the cathedral- we all got certificates :)

And then Friday, it was done! :( I couldn't believe it! Trained into London with a friend. Made it to the airport safely. Then, said goodbye to my friend. And wonderfully ran into another friend after he left! So we got some food and then she said goodbye to me! (She also made it home safely.)

After a loooooong day, Alan got me and I finally got to crash and go to bed.

What a wonderful trip! (Will post pics when I find my camera :) )

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